There’s been a lot of speculation that this could be the track which finally brings drum and bass to the masses, and whilst I LOVE this song (and as it happens any of DJ Fresh’s work)….

 Isn’t this a cause of concern for many drum and bass fans?- That one of their very own could be (heaven forbid) NUMBER ONE IN THE CHARTS……

See Pendulum-seen as popstars (at best) since their rise in popularity. Or Chase and Status-judged for having been reviewed in the Guardian.

It seems that Mainstream success turns drum and bass fans off. But WHY?

Maybe it’s because those hardcore fans are edgier than the rest of us, maybe its because overplaying a song ruins it for everyone, or maybe its a fear of a parental drum and bass interest……

Whatever the reason, it should be forgotten. There’s a difference between being successful and being a sell out and I for one hope that DJ Fresh shows that to us all.

So what if it’s on an advert…..Download it now (if you haven’t already!)


Hawaiian Air From Friendly Fires is a summer track screaming out for a remix.

One of the first is this one from Totally Enormous Extinct dinosaurs, and it sets the bar high.

This mysterious Oxford remixer (and track maker) does eclectic music as an art form, with his tracks self-described as Electro/powerpop/ techno.

We don’t know much about this bizarre raving dino fan, but we do know that we like what he’s doing…..


Ok so it’s not drum and bass….I’m not really sure what it is, but if it cam on in a club We’d ALL dance. Fact.

Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) and his pal Raf Rundell certainly know how to make a tune. Their music has been described as Indie-electro House, but seems to combine even more genres than that.

Their 3rd bizarro EP (following  Curious Nature and Follow the Bears) is testament to the dancefloor power of these two (suitably hairy) producers.

‘Gonna give you a bear hug’ will be among the most overused phrases this year if the duo have their way, and they probably deserve to with this offering.

Like Hot Chip, But cool….

Zero 7. PERFECT drum and bass fodder.

That’s exactly what S.P.Y. thought when, last year, they remixed ‘In The Waiting Line’.

One of the finest examples of contrasting quick beats with relaxation, S.P.Y. have hit a perfect balance.

For over a year now people have been calling for a full release but I still can’t find a release date!!

Let’s be honest, as it’s a bootleg it’s probably not going to happen, but a fan can dream….

Until we get a release date, just keep clicking replay on this beautiful tune….

Camo and Krooked’s first single on Hospital Records is a good drum and bass label debut.

These Austrians are headed for BIG things, with fast paced tracks, high adrenaline DJ sets, and crazy dancefloor synth, these boys know a bit about drum and bass.

Breezeblock leads the way for the LP which is coming soon.

 with a dubstep (OMG) B side and the best video drum and bass has seen since the old skool rave of chase and status it’s a solid start.

But the song is just that. Solid. In other words a bit dull.

It’s not bad….but its just not as amazing as expected….

The Drop on the other hand is a gameshow I’d really like to enter….


Magnetic Man have been creating dancefloor anthems for a few years now, but this one really does what it says on the tin.

Featuring P Money   (King of Grime) and using the not unremarkable skills of DJ Artwork, Benga and Skream, this tune has Magnetic man at their Best…..AGAIN.

These three can do very little wrong it seems with fine collaborations always up their sleeves (Katy B and John Legend anyone?) These bass mad boys know how to drop a crowd pleaser.

This has been played in Magnetic man sets for months but is just now being released on Sony.

Release date uncertain, what is certain is that we will be bouncing and clapping to this tune for a long time to come

(video replaced after copyright removal from youtube)

Can this guy do no wrong?

As one third of Mercury Prize winning group ‘The XX’, why is it that we hear at Beathoven prefer Jamie Smith’s solo projects?

Always original, and always enjoyable Jamie XX is the King of ‘alternative music’, and with ‘Far Nearer’ he certainly retains his crown.

A seven minute long track using distinctive vocal samples and steel drums is (I know I’m saying it a lot recently-must be the weather!) perfect summer music, and great for the dancefloor.

The release is combined with ‘Beat for’ another winner, but it’s ‘Far nearer’ which really catches your ear.

tropical sounds and childrens voices with that distinctive r’n’b sample make this a busy but perfectly formed track.

Breaking away from his crew (including the likes of James Blake) of minimalist musicians who like to use silences to make sound, this track fills every second with perfect music

This is truly original music and apparently a perfect example of ‘post-dubstep‘ (but lets not go there)……